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Human Body Under Barometric Pressure

Effects of Pressure Underwater Diving

It must be realized that changes in volume caused by changes in pressure, as shown previously, are greater the nearer the pressure is to atmospheric pressure. Therefore, the effects of pressure changes in the body caused by changes in depth are more noticeable when the diver is near the surface and accidents are much more likely to happen there.

Any gas-filled spaces will be affected by the change of pressure by Boyle’s Law. A pressure difference as small as 0.05 bar between the inside and outside of a body cavity can damage body tissue.

The gas-filled spaces in the body are Sinus, Ears, and Lungs. On occasions, gas may be present in the stomach and intestines, but, since the walls of these parts are flexible, no effect will be felt, except some discomfort on ascending to the surface.  Gas-filled cavities within the teeth may also occur if regular dental inspection is neglected. The SCUBA Diver may experience pain and discomfort during ascent and descent, as a result of cavities within the teeth.


A small pressure difference can harm body tissue. Gas in the stomach and intestine causes discomfort during ascent. Dental cavities can cause pain during descent and ascent.

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